Viv Thomas has written a  number of books available from either Amazon or Formation.

The Spectacular Ordinary OrganisationThe Spectacular Ordinary Organisation is a workbook which focuses on how organisations, teams and communities can grow in their corporate spiritual life or discover a road to it.

Copies cost £10 each. To order yours, please contact Formation here to receive a quote (which will include postage & packaging). Payment can be made online using the ‘Donate’ button on the right.

The Spectacular Ordinary Life teaches us, with a combination of biblical teaching and stories of people living out life in spectacular, ordinary ways.

Available from Amazon here.

Second Choice uses the book of Daniel to explore what happens when we run into circumstances that force us to start over. It’s about control, prayer and finding God in the midst of the mess of life.

Available from Amazon here.

In Paper Boys, Viv Thomas suggests a future for Christianity in general and Evangelicalism in particular. Through the metaphor of the paper boy who is individual, competitive and goal oriented, an image of Western Evangelicals and Charismatics is presented.

Available from Amazon here.